Monday, April 17, 2017

Museum of Communication (A Letter)

Letter send by Jilles Pauw date: august 31 1948 Batavia former Dutch Indies 
to A.A. Pauw the Hague The Netherlands

The collection of the Museum of Communication offers numerous starting points for reflection and debate on the opportunities and impact of communication. The museum distinguishes three main collections, namely Postal Values, Postal History and Telecommunications. 
Anniversary Stamp Queen Wilhelmina year 1948, 
designer: Hartz, Sem. 
typography designer: Krimpen, Jan van. 
printer: Joh. Ensched√© and Sons produced: August 30, 1948 Object type stamp Dimensions Image plane: 33 mm × 22 mm; Fully 36 mm × 25 mm for PTT. 
Source [NVPH-504], stamp designs, postage stamps and posters; Museum for Communication LINK Museum of Communication

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