Sunday, October 30, 2016


The name Twists for this platform refers to a famous art magazine published from 1918 to 1932 and was the mouthpiece of the Amsterdam School artists. This' opening manifesto of architecture Wendingen explains Wim Jacobs, director of Ship from what the magazine and the platform have in common. 

On March 6, 2014 has kicked off in the Shipping in Amsterdam Wendingen Platform for the Amsterdam School. The website is an initiative of the Museum Ship, which works with the support of the Amsterdam housing associations since 2001 to turn the Amsterdam School on the map. For the website to be a success, the museum relies on the principle of crowd-sourcing: connoisseurs and enthusiasts are asked to use the platform to help with an inventory of the Amsterdam School across the board - from residential block for beauty and bridge to glass art. The editorial board invites everybody to describe objects in their (direct) environment. The platform makes it easy for enthusiasts to come into contact with peers and professionals from all over the Netherlands. For although the Movement its name from the capital, there are in all provinces (and even abroad) to find examples of the Amsterdam School. LINK read more  LINK objects

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