Sunday, August 30, 2015


september 6 - October 25, 2015

How visible we want to be? And how much influence we have ourselves to spreading our (visual) information? The current network society, where we are bombarded by new technological possibilities, opportunities and threats that require reflection. Come to the exhibition (No) Privacy and form your own position in this debate. From a kaleidoscopic view on the topic you are challenged to take their own position in the topical and urgent debate on privacy. Whether it comes to drones, surveillance cameras, information sharing via the Internet, the growing powers of the government to have our data. Awareness is growing that we may lose our grip on our privacy. (No) Privacy features work by (inter) national photographers and other visual artists. 
FOTODOK is an international place for documentary photography from Utrecht. Since the end of 2008 they will bring urgent, neglected, beautiful, exciting socially engaged documentary stories to the attention of both a broad local and national, as a global specialist public. It does this through a diverse program of exhibitions, lectures and debates critical, education and international cooperation and exchange. LINK FOTODOK

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