Saturday, May 23, 2015

Opera dull or hot?

Operadagen Rotterdam 
may 22 til may 31 

Operadagen Rotterdam is an international festival with a focus on new developments in opera and music theatre. More than ever before singers, musicians, actors, directors, and designers are moulding the classical opera repertoire to their will. Whilst keeping intact the spirit of the works, they find new interpretations that resonate with the world of today and tomorrow. Operadagen Rotterdam invites the audience to broaden their mind and experience the latest developments. Freedom, equality, fraternity. The famous slogan of the French Revolution has lost none of its relevance in the 21st century. After the central themes of Liberty (2013) and Fraternity (2014), equality is the leitmotiv of this year's festival. It runs from 22 through 31 May 2015 in various locations around Rotterdam. LINK operadagenrotterdam

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