Saturday, December 13, 2014

‪Maceo Parker‬

The soul of a black man 1973‬

Parker was born in Kinston, North Carolina. His father played piano and drums; his mother and father both sang in church. His brother Melvin played drums and his brother Kellis trombone. He and his brother Melvin joined James Brown in 1964; in his autobiography, Brown says that he originally wanted Melvin as his drummer, but agreed to take Maceo under his wing as part of the deal. In 1970 Parker, his brother Melvin, and a few of Brown's band members left to found Maceo. All the King's Men, which toured for two years. In 1974, Parker returned to James Brown. He also charted a single "Parrty Part I" (71 pop singles) with Maceohe Macks that year. In 1975, Parker and some of Brown's band members, including Fred Wesley, left to join George Clinton's band Parliament - Funkadelic. Parker once again re-joined James Brown from 1984 to 1988. In the 1990s, Parker began a solo career. To date, he has released eleven solo albums since 1990. His band has been billed as "the greatest little funk orchestra on earth" and the "million dollar support band". LINK youtube  LINK maceoparker

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