Saturday, August 23, 2014

Frank Sciarone and Bernadette ten Hove

@ Phoebus Rotterdam

Frank Sciarone drawing

The Dutch artist Frank Sciarone draws and sculptures, with scale and architecture often play an important role. In 1998 Sciarone showed little 'Roma' drawings in the large gallery space beletage in 1994, immense sculptures (which even seemed to disappear into the homes of neighbors) in the smaller project room. This time some giant pencil drawings with reference to Italian Baroque architecture in a tenuous interplay in the space of the piano nobile combined with three relatively small sculptures, which uses ready-made building material. 

The works from the series Present Presence of Bernadette ten Hove are based on portrait painting from the 15th to the 20th century. In the middle part of each work - exactly one third of the elongated vertical panels - with graceful turns of the trowel clothing and background put down. They are here together in a bright, monochrome color. This section contrasts sharply with the upper part where the face is held back in white, with black eyes; and with the lower part, which is painted gloss white. The "retaken" faces now look very contemporary - and look nevertheless returned to their origin. LINK phoebus

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