Sunday, June 01, 2014

Performance Art Event (PAE) and Gouwstraat

@ This could be Rotterdam or anywhere

This could be anybody's home (PAE) What makes other peoples home so fascinating? Three residents of Charlois will host a performance in their house performance in their house. This could be in anybody 's home is the title of the project with performances created by the Rotterdam-based artists Nina Boas and Ieke Trinks, both are organizers of PAE and members of performance collective Trickster. What is the experience of art in someone's home compared to a gallery setting? How do you look at art, does the resident and the interior affects your experience of the work? 

Gouwstraat, street of arts and crafts Looking through the windows of what used to be vacant retail shops, you see a lot of workplaces and studios. But what happens inside? This weekend artists will get out on the streets to show you and you are invited in! See how pottery, glass art, clothes, graphic art (and much more) are made and join one of the workshops or guided tours. There are also live  performances and children will be working of a fashion show. Welcome in the Gouwstraat, street of arts and crafts!
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