Saturday, May 10, 2014

Joris van der Ploeg

@ LOADED in Loods 6 and SBK 
may 30 - june 3   2014

Joris van der Ploeg (1989) discovered his passion for photography at the Photoacademy in Amsterdam. He is fascinated by girls in their development towards womanhood. He photographs them when they are younger because they are more innocent, naïve, complex and unfathomable during this time. He sees it as something beautiful, exciting, exceptional, and vulnerable and therefor treats it with a certain amount of passion, love, care, attention and concentration. His photo's are very pure, mystical, unrefined and seemingly natural, 
The emphasis is on the natural beauty of the models and having them completely surrender into the moment, thus making them unreachable. LINK loaded LINK jorisvanderploeg

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