Saturday, April 19, 2014

Heman Chong

@ FOST Gallery, Singapore 
March 8 May 4, 2014

With his latest deliberation on narrative, text, and the future, Heman Chong offers a handsome presentation of paintings, text pieces, and a found book in his new solo exhibition "Of Indeterminate Time Or Occurrence" at Singapore's FOST Gallery. Heman Chong is an artist, curator and writer whose conceptually charged investigations into how individuals and communities imagine the future generates a multiplicity of objects, images, installations, situations and texts. In 2006, he produced a writing workshop with Leif Magne Tangen at Project Arts Center in Dublin where they co-authored PHILIP, a science fiction novel, with Mark Aerial Waller, Cosmin Costinas, Rosemary Heather, Francis McKee, David Reinfurt and Steve Rushton. Chong is currently directing ‘Moderation(s)’, an ongoing project occurring between Witte de With in Rotterdam and Spring Workshop in Hong Kong, which will engender a conference, three exhibitions, three residencies, and a book of short stories. LINK heman chong

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