Friday, March 07, 2014

Baracca (10 years)

new expo FUCK THE 80’S IT IS 2014 

With Yvo van der Vat focusing on sculptural
and video- art , and Ibrahim R. Ineke on
comic-book or comix-inspired art, Baracca 
combines the wildly divergent visions of two curators 
who are themselves working artists.
 Both deliberately choose to exhibit work that engages with
their own personal artistic practice, and to present 
this work in conjunction with their own, so as to better
emphasize the dialogue that exists between all art.
 United in an approach that celebrates the
temporary and the transient, through brief 
[one evening only] exhibitions, Baracca’s curatorial
intentions seek to confront apparent contraries, 
to bridge the gap between audiences and artists
 of different backgrounds. LINK Baracca

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Kees said...

Ha Dolf,dank voor het plaatsen. Je ziet dat we niet stil zitten!