Thursday, December 19, 2013

The artist in the time of hopelessness

The newest Polish art 
@ Awangarda BWA Gallery Wrocław

7 December 2013 - 19 January 2014

Nowadays the word 'curator' sounds terrible. It's associated with judicial supervision and authority. Whereas originally the word 'curator' meant a friend, an advisor, someone who tries to help. That's more the way I imagine the role of an exhibition curator. I've been dealing with art for 30 years and to tell the truth I haven't met many curators who understood their part properly. Most often it's just a formal function, the true encounter between an artist and a curator doesn't take place. Maybe this time we'll manage to change that," Zbigniew Libera wrote in the invitation to the Masters' Atelier—an artistic subversion, the father of Polish critical art and now the curator of a project under his name. The exhibition The Artist in the time of hopelessness. The newest Polish art was created over the period of one year as a process—a process during which the meetings of the artists and the curator, personal conversations, phone calls, emails and negotiations with the institution and all its limitations were the daily bread. Everything was aimed at making the artists' actions and problems, indicated by them, the real subject of this cooperation. LINK Awangarda BWA Gallery Wrocław

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