Saturday, September 28, 2013

Péter Forgács

Looming Fire

Stories from the Netherlands East Indies (1900–1940)

@ EYE October 5 - December 1, 2013

The Hungarian filmmaker Péter Forgács is considered to be one of the most outstanding found-footage filmmakers. He is best known for the way he ingeniously compiles new work based on amateur films. Forgács created a genre of its own, one which serves to put historical events in a new perspective. His highly individual adaptations of authentic family and amateur films, including those made for the series "Private Hungary" (1988 - 2008), were once described by a critic as a mix of 'anthropology, theatre, documentary and private diary.' In 2007 Forgács was awarded the Erasmus prize for his contribution to the 'culture and historical consciousness of Europe.' So far he has more than forty films to his name, including The Maelstroom, Angelos' Film, Miss Universe 1929 and El perro negro, as well as three major installations. LINK EYE

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