Friday, August 30, 2013

@ Phoebus Rotterdam

Exhibitions Phoebus Rotterdam: 
Mark Cloet, Janna Huyghe and Bernadette Beunk, 
second opening 8 Sept 15 to 17 hours - t / m Sept 22

During the gallery season, from September / to June, are (for example workshops and exhibitions of artists who are members of the gallery) organized exhibitions next regularly lectures, discussions and occasional excursions. For Thought are usually held by an artist in his or her exposition, occasionally by a critic or gallery owner. See announcements for the "banner" on this page and include lectures / excursions. The gallery also publishes books. Publications on drawings are published in the series' Drawings First / First drawings `. Publications which the concept is put forward, by an artist be issued in the `Unbound Series / Footloose 'series. LINK phoebus (site in Dutch)

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