Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jack Lavender's "Dreams Chunky"

@ The approach, London

Lavender's oeuvre suggests a quick and responsive gaze, trained as much by consuming images on the Internet as by finding interesting forms in the discarded objects littering the city's pavements. "Recuperating the tradition of the assemblage and the prehensile alertness of collage, today's sculpture seems to be less engaged in interrogating its own status than it is overexcited by the idea of annexing the whole world to its own body," wrote Massimiliano Gioni in the curatorial essay of "Unmonumental," his 2007 survey exhibition of sculptural practices at the turn of the twenty-first century. Lavender seems to share this annexing complex, hoarding found objects and rearranging them in new configurations of shapes and meaning. What sets his work apart is the almost obsessive use of a structural device-the grid-in most of the pieces, as well as an adept staging of the pieces within the space, creating an immersive experience without ostentation. LINK The approach

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Juliaan Andeweg said...

i wouldve loved to jump in to these exhibit.