Saturday, October 20, 2012

Post Ruse

Danube Bridge 
Architect: Georgi Ovcharov

Opened on 20 June 1954 and designed by Georgi Ovcharov (according to other sources: V. Andreev), the bridge is 2,223.52 m (7,295.0 ft) long and is the only bridge over the Danube shared by Bulgaria and Romania as of 2011, with the other traffic being served by ferries and land routes. It has two decks, one for road (two lanes) and one for railway traffic, as well as sidewalks for pedestrians. The central part of the bridge (85 m) is mobile and can be lifted for oversized boats passage. The maintenance of the mobile part is Romania's responsibility and is periodically checked. The bridge was constructed in two and a half years with the aid of the Soviet Union. The Soviets named it the "Friendship" Bridge, but since the fall of the countries' socialist regimes, the bridge has had the more functional name of "Danube" Bridge. LINK Danube Bridge

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