Thursday, July 26, 2012


Dadder 1; Dadder 2 and Dadder 3, 2010 
Polymer Gravur 350 g/m2 Magnani Litho

Cathy Wilkes' oeuvre, for which she was awarded the prestigious Baloise Art Prize in 2002 and nominated for the Turner Prize in 2008, includes both large-scale installations fashioned from found materials and small format, abstract paintings. Her contribution to the GAK's 2011 Jahresgaben is especially remarkable as it draws on the only print created by Wilkes to date. These three different and original pre-press prints of Wilkes' work Dadder depict a domestic interior in various degrees of abstraction and colour combinations. Dadder itself depicts the kitchen of Cathy Wilkes' father - revealing both a place of comforting childhood memories and a daughter's mourning for her deceased father. Here, as in Wilkes' installations and paintings, an autobiographical detail is the point of departure for an imaginative journey in which everyday objects and abstract forms coalesce in a visual realm that circles the themes of "death", "childhood" and the search for one's place in the world. LINK GAK (Wilkes)

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