Monday, March 05, 2012

William Kentridge

“Every so often,‭ ‬a painter has to destroy painting,‭” ‬Willem DeKooning said of his fellow abstract expressionist,‭ ‬Jackson Pollock.‭ “‬He busted our idea of a picture all to hell. ‭ ‬Then there could be new paintings again.‭” ‬In the same way,‭ ‬William Kentridge has revolutionized the practice of drawing.
Using charcoal on paper,‭ ‬repeatedly erased and redrawn,‭ ‬as the vehicle for animation,‭ ‬Kentridge has revolutionized the form and brought it to a new level of regard,‭ ‬as an ambitious and respectable end-in-itself in the contemporary visual arts.‭ ‬In the process,‭ ‬the South African artist has emerged as one of the world's most prominent and relevant visual artists.

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Kees said...

Gaaf, de catalogus van de show in SF die ook nog naar Nederland komt is mooi met fantastische DVD!