Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Parade (De Parade) Rotterdam NL

De Parade is a two-month mobile theatre festival with performances that take place in tents. Like a fair or a circus, de Parade has been touring the Netherlands and abroad for 16 years, descending on the nicest parks and squares in town. Depending on the prospective public, de Parade will stay in town for 10 or 17 days. De Parade is the only travelling theatre festival in the world and has been set up like a circus turned inside-out, with the audience in the centre and the artists around them. The result is an irresistible live panorama of theatre, dance, music, art, entertainment, magic, curiosities, attractions and shows. This colourful collection of theatre tents, fountain tents, the chairoplane and the global restaurants make the de Parade festival site resemble an old-fashioned fair ground.

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